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Design Thinking & Google Design Sprints

  • Introduction to Design Thinking: Grasp the basics and principles of Design Thinking.
  • Idea Generation & Prototyping: Develop innovative ideas and bring them to life.
  • User-Centered Design: Craft solutions tailored to user needs and desires.
  • Google Design Sprints Facilitation: Accelerate product development and innovation with proven methodologies.

User Experience (UX) Research

  • User Interviews: Delve deep into user needs and behaviors.
  • Usability Tests: Refine and enhance the user experience of your products or services.
  • Creation of Personas & User Journeys: Visualize and cater to diverse user groups and their interactions.

Brand, Vision & Social Media Enhancement

  • Brand Strategy & Development: Define and elevate your brand’s identity and voice.
  • Vision Statements & Goal Setting: Craft compelling vision statements and set clear, actionable goals for your brand.
  • Social Media Optimization: Boost your online presence and engagement across platforms.

Leadership & Systemic Coaching

  • Individual & Group Coaching: Personalized support for individuals or groups to address challenges.
  • Strength Analysis: Unearth and harness your unique strengths.
  • Solution-Oriented Conversations: Focus on actionable solutions and fresh perspectives.
  • Leadership Development: Enhance your leadership skills and capabilities.

Agile Coaching

  • Introduction to Agile Methods: Understand Scrum, Kanban, and other agile techniques.
  • Team Dynamics & Development: Foster collaboration and a positive team culture.

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Background & Expertise: I’m a passionate Freelancer, Agile Coach, and AI enthusiast. My heart beats for Design Thinking, and I’ve dedicated my career to facilitating new ideas, empowering individuals through mindful and entertaining coaching, and transforming hidden potential into tangible value.

Education & Experience: Having completed my MA in Media Studies, I’ve facilitated over 100 Design Thinking workshops for both big brands and purpose-driven NGOs since 2015. I’ve collaborated with renowned design thinking agencies like zero360 and Dark Horse, and I’ve even led Dark Horse’s Design Thinking Workshop class from 2021-2022.

International Exposure: I love working internationally, which is why I often post in English. My experiences span across various cultures and industries, ensuring a diverse and inclusive approach to problem-solving.

Research & Innovation: I’ve been at the forefront of exploring how technologies like ChatGPT can enhance the Design Thinking process, especially in workshop settings. My curiosity drives me to continuously explore and integrate cutting-edge technologies to deliver better results.

Creativity & Passion: Music is a significant part of who I am. As a songwriter, I understand the importance of finding the right words, not just in music but also in Design Thinking. This skill ensures that we foster a common understanding within a team, aligning everyone towards a shared vision.

Collaboration & Networking: With 1,304 followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn, I’ve built a robust network of professionals from various domains. This network can be leveraged for collaborations, insights, or even just to bounce off ideas.

Value-Driven Approach: Whether it’s Team Building, Public Speaking, Corporate Training, or UX Research, my primary goal is always to add value. I’ve provided services in various domains, ensuring a holistic approach to challenges.

Bilingual & Culturally Aware: I can communicate fluently in both English and German, ensuring smooth communication in diverse teams.

In Conclusion: Working with me means you’re not just hiring a professional; you’re partnering with someone who is deeply passionate, continuously evolving, and committed to delivering excellence. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock new potentials and create lasting value together!


I understand that every project and client is unique. That’s why I tailor my approach to your specific needs and objectives. Flexibility is second nature to me: Whether it’s on-site, remote, or a combination of both – I’m ready to adapt to the working style that suits you best. I thrive in workshops and love diving deep into the subject matter to achieve the best outcomes.

Online Sessions: With modern tools like Zoom, I can conduct effective and interactive workshops and meetings, no matter where you are.

Pricing: My hourly rate ranges between €100 and €200, depending on the project and client. This rate reflects the quality and expertise I bring to every engagement. If you have specific requirements or a particular budget in mind, please let me know. We can work together to find a solution that suits both of us, or we can discuss a package price for your project or workshop.


Rebecca Blady – Executive Director at Hillel Deutschland e.V. March 3, 2023

“It was extremely clear to us how fluent you are in the methodologies you use. You were able to keep us precisely on track and guide us toward on-point, concrete discussion. We have a roadmap like we’ve never had before that enables us to think both big-picture and also realistically. It’s a huge accomplishment for our organization and we look forward to achieving greater success and growth based on the workshop!”

Gerald Bauer – WOW Tech , October 18,2020

“Working with Ferdinand Linke during the Design Sprints was fantastic. Even in challenging situations, he maintained control of the room and inspired our team through his moderation. As a result, we achieved outstanding results that helped us develop the most innovative app in our market segment.”

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Email: mail@ferdinandlinke.com

Updated. 8/2023