MOTION – Jump or Scam?

For over a year, I’ve seen ads for the so-called AI-ToDo-System, Motion ( , on Instagram. Initially, I ignored them because it seems like scam.

I was content with “Getting Things Done” through TickTick. But when my current productivity system started to falter, my interest piqued. Could Motion AI genuinely save 30.3 days annually and increase productivity by 137%? I decided to give it a try. Here’s my review after one week:

What I Love:

* Booking Function: Similar to calendly I can send links with my availabilities and zoom. It syncs perfectly with my schedule and is very easy to use. 
* Spaces: I loved this feature. It reminded me of the ToDo app called Nirvana. It lets me separate different areas of my life, like personal tasks, music-related projects, and freelance ideas. Switching between them feels very smooth.
* Automation: It’s good to have some overview about tasks I could start the day with. Not fully happy with their choice but it gives me the feeling of basic structure and control. But I found myself asking, is this genuine AI, or is it just smart programming?
* Tutorials: Motion provides great introductory resources. I particularly enjoyed the video guides, some of which are from the founder. I’m excited to see any new features they introduce.

Reservations and Doubts:

* Price: $32 a month is a bit high. They do have a yearly option for $14 per month. I went with the monthly plan to test it out. I’m not sure If I will commit for one year and test it more. 
* Interface: While it’s user-friendly, at times it reminds me of self made WordPress Design and could be smoother.
* Aggressive Marketing: Their heavy promotions and discounts make me wonder. Are they just trying to attract customers and revenue instead of working on a great product?

Features I Still Need to Explore:
* Tasks Feature: I need to look more into how tasks are created and managed, how I can prioritize them and create dependencies. 
* Addressing Integrations. How will it in the future improve and integrate with other tools like ChatGpt? 

What I Miss:
* A Chaotic Inbox: I missed the simplicity of an inbox where I could dump all my ideas quickly. With Motion, this process takes longer. So I still jot down my thoughts in TickTick and then later move them to Motion into tasks. 

Final Thoughts:
One week is a short time, but I noticed significant changes and feel like having more overview about my tasks and more productive. I enjoyed the newfound order, but was it due to Motion’s capabilities or just the excitement of a new tool?

My journey with Motion has just begun. As I dive deeper and learn more, I’ll share further insights and decide if I will invest in it. 
P.S. I’d love to hear from other Motion users or those considering it. I’m eager to hear about your experiences and thoughts. 

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